24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair San Diego

24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair San Diego

24 hour garage door repair in san diego caA malfunctioning garage door can really put the breaks on you completing all the daily tasks required of you. At Pro Garage Door Repair San Diego, we understand life comes at you fast. One day you’re busy making plans to be there for someone very important to you and the next day you are standing in your garage looking at a broken spring that is preventing you from driving your car out to your obligation. A lot of times, apologies and excuses just don’t cut it. For those occasions, emergency garage door repair service in the San Diego area is a must!
We will take your phone call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and then we will have a technician come out to your location as soon as possible. Every step of the way, we will update you with an estimated time of arrival and any other pertinent information. Our emergency garage door repair services are still priced competitively and the technician working on your garage door is still someone who has received the very best training the industry has to offer.
If you need any help, do not hesitate to call (619) 630-4944 now.

Responsive San Diego Emergency Garage Door Repair

There never is a good time to have a garage door fail on you, but with Pro Garage Door Repair San Diego you will never feel helpless. The process for alleviating this catastrophic breakdown of your garage door is quite simple:

  1. Call our caring and professional call center to have your appointment set. You will give information about your location, name, and the nature of the garage door emergency.
  2. The garage door technician may contact you for more information. They will also let you know in advance when they are approaching so you are ready for them.
  3. Once the garage door technician has made an expert assessment of the problem, you can then give him consent to take care of it.

When the work is done, you can make your payment arrangement and get back to your life!

The Most Common Garage Door Emergencies

san diego ca garage door trackAs the leader in San Diego garage door services, we have seen absolutely every single kind of malfunction possible. The causes for these malfunctions may vary greatly – from a pizza delivery driver crashing into the door to a squirrel chewing through the electrical line for the opener! Still, there are only so many ways things stop working and we have a proven method to get it back to work in both a relatively brief and cost-effective way. These are some of the major ways a garage door stops working the way you expect it to:

  • Broken Garage Door Springs – This is a pretty big deal. On most days, it is the number one reason for these sudden failures. Many report their garage door was working just fine until suddenly it was not. With a broken garage door spring, the door won’t be raised easily. Since it is the garage door spring that supports most of the weight of the garage door when in movement, this will make the opener incapable of working. Many homeowners may not even be able to lift the door under their own power. A garage door spring is placed under tremendous pressure, so it can only be used for a finite number of cycles. Each cycle is raising the door and then lowering it. Many springs are rated for thousands of cycles. This may seem like a lot, but a busy household can burn through 1500 cycles in a year – especially once all the kids are of driving age. When a garage door spring breaks, it is usually accompanied by a loud bang. There should be a cable running through it to keep it from flying off and hitting someone, but being near a spring ready to pop is never safe, and even if it does not hit you, the experience is certainly not pleasant! There are two kinds of garage door spring; torsion and extension. Torsion springs twist while extension springs stretch. Modern garage doors now use torsion springs overwhelmingly, so most likely you are dealing with that one when the time comes for your door. These can be dangerous, so garage door spring repair is best left to the very best technicians in San Diego.
  • Photo Eye Failure – this could be due to the garage door opener sensors being out of alignment, damaged, defective, or lacking power. You will notice these “eyes” on both sides of the entrance. They are the norm for any garage door opener installed after 1993. They are meant to increase safety since the sensor can detect something in the path of a closing door, stop it, and allow that thing to be removed from the path. When it isn’t working properly you may not be able to get the door to close, or, unfortunately, it may allow the door to close on top of something or someone. Since this is a safety measure, it is important that it be kept in working condition. Usually, cleaning and alignment are what is needed.
  • Garage Door Track – a bent, or obstructed garage door track may make opening or closing the garage door impossible. If the track is not in good shape, the rollers can’t freely travel through it, requiring the operator or the opener to work extra hard to get it through. Even if you are getting away with this for a while, it will result in more wear on the parts over time. That excessive wear from an over worked automatic opener can result in having to have your opener motor serviced. Hitting the garage door with a vehicle would be the primary cause of this kind of failure. A strong enough force can bend or pinch the metal. Excessive buildup of debris in the track can also be an issue.
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