Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair San Diego CA

garage-spring-repairs-san-diego-caTension and torsion springs are the most commonly replaced garage door parts. Damaged and broken springs are a very common problem, and can stop your garage door from opening and closing. With years or garage door repair experience, our technicians have become experts when it comes to replacing torsion springs.

Torsion Spring Replacement Services in San Diego

One of the reasons that our spring replacements last for a long time is the fact that we always use the highest quality springs on the market. The springs that we install have a life span of 10,000 cycles. This will normally last for about 7-10 years of normal use.

Broken garage door springs are not just an annoyance, they can be quite dangerous. Torsion springs are under a lot of force, and if that force were to be released suddenly, it could cause the spring to break apart or come out of place and hit someone at great speed. Replacing broken garage door springs is so difficult and dangerous that many of the garage door spring manufactures refuse to sell them to the general public. Avoid all this and call the garage door experts today.

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