Off Track Garage Doors

Repairing Off-track garage doors in San Diego

off-track-garage-door-repairAn off-track garage door may trigger accidents as well as loss of money apart from appearing horrible. You should never attempt to work on the garage door physically or with the automatic garage door opener, since it might cause problem to the door, or probably be life threatening.

Factors behind Off-Track Doors

Most common reason of garage door derailment is breaking of one or both of the garage door cables. These cables help to counteract the weight of the door and guide it during its journey down and up the tracks. Usually, garage door cables malfunction only after several years of efficient operation and normal wear and tear.

Apart from the above reason; there exist two more reasons commonly related to garage doors becoming off trail. If something is clogged in the track or an intense force is applied suddenly, the door may naturally become loose from its tracks. If you put the car backward keeping door partially or completely closed, the car may hit the door with great force which will create ding on the door and also derailing it.

Pro Garage Door San Diego to the Save

As explained earlier, it is usually hazardous and high-risk to fix off track garage doors without adequate understanding about it. Instead, be sure to call Precision Garage Door Las Vegas once you notice any flaws with your garage door or garage door tracks. Our professional, certified technicians are trained in efficiently managing this precise repair job, with the following 4-step procedure:

1. Figure out the reason behind derailed garage door for example any visible damage to the tracks (bent, broken), inappropriate orientation of the tracks or simply their loosening from the garage walls.

2. Restore or straighten the tracks and fix the roller alignment.

3. Clean the tracks of any dirt or collection and lubricate with commercial quality oil.

4. Examine the garage door in its completeness for any loose or missing elements and/or hardware.

The level of expertise and customer support of Pro Garage Door San Diego is unparallel in the area and we are simply a call away to send a friendly team to handle your garage door issue. We are available, with fully-stocked trucks and high-quality parts, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week. In many events you can arrive to your place the same day you call!

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